Best gaming headsets of 2017 revealed !

Sound becomes more and more important in today’s gaming. Players these days always look for ways to improve their in-game experience and when talking about sound everything starts with the phones. See which made it to the best gaming headsets 2017 list.

China Enforcing Censorship to Greater Heights: Gmail Access Completely Blocked, VPNs Attacked !

It is gonna be more harder for Internet users in China. In order to achieve total cyber security, China has cracked down on VPNs, and proxy tools that allows internet users to access blocked internet services such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and other such services which are blocked in the country. China has upgraded its Internet censorship system ‘The Great Wall’

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Network Breached by Russian Hackers!!!.

Networks of Sony Pictures Entertainment is under threat again. According to a report published by Taia Global, Russian hackers had unaccredited access to the networks of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The group of Russian hackers supposedly breached Sony’s network by sending phishing emails which contained an attached pdf document that had a Remote Access Trojan (RAT)

Ethical Hacking: Making Custom Dictionary and Cracking Login Screen

In this article we will see how to crack a Linux/Unix based login system. Here like we have mentioned in the previous article, De-ICE is the target system and Kali Linux is the attacking machine. We will first find out the IP address of our target system. Both the operating systems are running on the same network

Clash of the Titans: Google Released 3rd unpatched Windows Vulnerability

Google is not going to stop the lookout for Windows Vulnerabilities, the rivalry between Google and Microsoft continues as The Google Research team revealed two more unpatched Windows vulnerabilities. Two more Windows 7 and Windows 8 vulnerabilities were published at a global scale that was found while examining the operating systems under Google’s ‘peace mission’, known as the Project Zero.