[Giveaway] Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 worth $1000 !!

Hello friends , We here at SecureTheLock hopes that you guys have been reading up on the various hot Cyber News and articles that have been posted here. It has only been some months since our site became public, and now its time to make history with our first ever give away !!!. Hope you guys appreciate it.

When working or playing games on your computer you need not just the best hardware like the best gaming keyboard or the best possible screen, but also the software that will satisfy your needs. That’s why we are planning to buy 2 Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 keys and give it away for free to our loyal readers. So you might be wondering, while so many good (and almost considered perfect) open source programming IDEs’ out there ,which doesn’t cost a single buck , who in their right mind will turn to Visual Studio, which costs around $500 ???


Sorry to disappoint ya , but there is still a living , thriving base for Visual Studio and by incorporating new and new additions every year, such as the Team foundation server, and  heading to the calls of is consumers , it’s base will certainly be there for the upcoming years also. In fact, Microsoft just broke off from its release pattern to release  Visual Studio 2013. Up until now Microsoft released VS after a set interval of 2 years, but as of now, as a part of their introduction of quicker release cycles, they have now released VS 2013 .   Its main features are :-

1) Work Item Charting :- VS 2013 now includes work item charts , which quickly allows the user to visualize data from work item queries.


2) Cloud Business Apps :- Now the users can create and manage cloud business apps that extend the Office 365 experience, to help people to interact with the business process.


3) Type Script :- Support for  Microsoft’s language for application-scale JavaScript development ,Type-Script, is included in VS 2013.


4) Peek Definition :- New features including the ability to edit in the view is added . Peek Definition can also be used to see code definitions without switching away from your code .


5) CodeLens :- Deep Lync integration in CodeLens , is also added in the newest version of Visual Studio 2013.


There you have it folks , the folks up at Microsoft , despite their quicker release cycle , has  packed a load of tricks into Visual Studio 2013, to make it a viable upgrade from 2013.   Now the best thing is, we are planning to buy 2 license key of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 and give it away for free to our loyal readers worth $1000. Yes thats right. Enter the Giveaway now :


This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Microsoft. Winner(s) will be contacted by email within 48 hours after the giveaway ends. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send us an email at editor@securethelock.com.