You Cannot Ignore The Positioning Of Your Product


Every matter needs space and if free space is not available, it has to create it. The higher energy matter displaces the lower energy ones or the weaker ones fail to get into a packed space. You have a business idea and you search for a chance to execute it. The result of your execution should be able to find a position in the target space so that it transforms into business. The product of your business needs a place in the intended market, which is its positioning. Unless you establish product positioning, the market is not going to open for its sale. There are some general protocols to confirm product positioning and then strengthen the remaining operations.

The initial foothold is critical

A product takes off only after a first sale. The impact of the first sale on the customer or the target audience will determine its further course. For an entrepreneur, his first job is to find the space in the target market where his product will fit in. If there is a lack of suitable item to serve a particular requirement as per the demand, a subsequent solution will fit in. If there is already such a solution, it is critical to see here that your idea gets a better positioning to be favored by the customers.

Be sure about the USP of your product and formulate means to convey the same to the customer segment for which it has been planned. An elaborate description of what, which, why and whereabouts might not hit the bull’s eye. Focus on the key areas, and prepare concise representations of your product’s specialties, your offerings and how they will benefit the customers.

Your description should be culpable of creating an impressive or at least a clarified image of the product attributes in the mind of the customers. When the first time, the automatic gear shift was introduced in four-wheelers, the customers in the automobile sector were able to pick on the new development and how it could relieve them of gear changing issues.

The initial image creation has been done successfully and now the big task ahead is to create positioning of the product as a brand. Brand value is something by which a product is able to own a niche for itself. If it is apparel, the brand will have dedicated users who specifically search for it in whichever market they go. If it is a mineral water brand known for its purity, the users are expected to stick to it in any journey.